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Thought Leadership Research

On a quarterly basis, Whitehelm publishes proprietary research on current issues facing the infrastructure sector, and addresses the potential implications and opportunities for clients as the issues relate to their investment portfolios

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Research Listing

You Don't Own Me: The Climate Responsibilities of Debt Investors

You Don't Own Me: The Climate Responsibilities of Debt Investors

October 2020

Debt and equity financing have different investment characteristics and these differences result in different risk profiles.  However, no matter whether an investor is investing in debt or equity, it remains the case that they are providing capital to a company or an asset to help facilitate its operations.  To argue different culpability for climate risk based on the type of capital provided by an investor feels esoteric – the planet warms either way. Our bottom line is that every investment – debt or equity – should be assessed for its climate risks to protect against future investment losses but also to ensure that bigger, more important existential losses do not come to pass.

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