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Capital Market Research

We ensure that the capital markets research we undertake has meaning for clients and their portfolios, and can be incorporated into asset allocation and manager selection decisions

Whitehelm Advisers’ capital markets research focuses on the effect of economic trends on portfolio performance.  This includes both local and global outlooks for factors such as interest rates, inflation, credit risk and economic growth, as well as their potential impacts on an investment portfolio.

A global outlook is important to Australian investors, not just because of investing in global asset classes, but also due to changes to the Australian investment landscape which are influenced by developments offshore.

We leverage our independent Advisory Investment Committee for their capital market perspectives.  The committee brings unparalleled global insights into macroeconomic and investment strategy deliberations, drawing on the experience of key members such as Ken Liow (former Chief Investment Officer, BlackRock) and Warwick McKibbin (former Director, Reserve Bank of Australia).  Warwick is an expert on the Australian economy and how it interacts with the rest of the world, and his networks include most current and former central bankers around the globe, along with distinguished leading academic minds related to macroeconomic policy.

In addition, Whitehelm Advisers also selectively engages with chief economists, strategists and fund managers with regards to their specific macro economic and/or capital market insights.

Whitehelm Advisers has a variety of backgrounds, but importantly, many have previously managed money as investors.  With this, our team is constantly looking at markets and is pro-actively considering problems and opportunities as they arise.

The collective views and ideas gathered through Whitehelm Advisers’ capital markets research are reflected in our large body of work such as our monthly Investment Environment Reports, as well as additional research pieces that we produce outside of regular reports.