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Whitehelm's Listed Core Infrastructure Fund Celebrates Three-Year Anniversary

17 June 2019

Infrastructure investment specialist Whitehelm Capital is pleased to announce that its Listed Core Infrastructure Fund (“LCIF” or the “Fund”) recently reached its three-year anniversary.

Since inception on the 31st May 2016 the Whitehelm Listed Core Infrastructure Fund (the Fund) has performed very well, achieving a return of 11.0% p.a. gross of fees and 9.9% p.a. net of fees, in EUR unhedged1.

The Fund’s performance exceeds the OECD CPI + 5% benchmark by 2.3% p.a. LCIF has received a 5-star quantitative Morningstar Rating™ as a result of its strong performance relative to its peer group. Since inception, LCIF’s investment philosophy has been underpinned by an active approach to Responsible Investment and addressing Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) issues. This is recognised by LCIF receiving a Morningstar Sustainability Rating™ of 5 globes.2

LCIF is the only fund in the Morningstar UCITS peer group that has a 5-star quantitative rating plus a 5-globe sustainability rating on a 3-year basis.3

LCIF provides investors with a diversified portfolio of the highest quality global infrastructure stocks.  The Fund is designed to give investors a liquid way to invest in core infrastructure such as airports, toll roads and rail roads, as well as regulated utilities, being assets with defensive cash flows and monopoly characteristics.

Portfolio Manager Ursula Tonkin said:

“Whitehelm is pleased with the strong performance of LCIF since inception, which has been recognised by Morningstar with the Fund achieving a 5 star rating both for performance and sustainability. LCIF has delivered on its aim of providing access to a high quality, defensive infrastructure portfolio with a low beta to global stocks markets, and a good degree of drawdown protection.

“All of these factors, along with its stable cash yield, make LCIF a very attractive vehicle for investors looking for a defensive anchor for their equity portfolios amid market volatility.”

Whitehelm is delighted to announce that it is launching a GBP share class in the fund.

LCIF is an Irish domiciled UCITS compliant fund.